My Oasis


My Oasis

Fairies in the flower beds,
Pixies in the trees,
Goblins share a home with elves,
In a pile of leaves;
They make my garden special,
They talk and play all day,
But when someone comes along,
They run and hide away:

Dragons in the living room,
Warlocks in the hall,
Witches making special brews,
Protecting all my walls;
We all live together,
In perfect harmony, 
I’m glad no one can enter,
my world of fantasy:

You may think that I’m quite mad,
Perhaps I am insane,
But there’s a very different world,
Beyond my window payne;
A world where no one gives a damn,
A world that doesn’t care,
A world that kills for killings sake,
To get to who knows where:

A world that has no pity,
A cold world that is lost,
A world of hateful vengeance,
And hang the human cost;
A world that has…

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I am stronger, braver, because of him –

I now can meet the eyes of the alpha wolf like him,

I learned to stand hearing encouragement from him.

I fought my demons, motivated and inspired by him.

I wield my sword like a master and fight now beside him.


The Little Novice

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“Desert flowers, all what is left is their thorns”

Desert roses,

cut through me as a butcher’s knife.

I tear apart as If I were paper thin.

Staring at the limitless hourglass.

All the time I have,

all the time I have lost,

to foolish truths and lies.

Nothing means anything anymore,

when it falls back in time.

Desert flowers,

all what is left is their thorns.

As the pedals come off the

majestic roses seem all

of a sudden as a mirage.

How was I blinded by their beauty?


All rights reserved Odelia Rozenfeld

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A reason to smile

Quote the raven nevermore

It must be painful behind that mask

Holding back all the hurt that weighs down every breath.

I know it makes living feel like a horrible task

But there are reasons to smile

I know you don’t see it now,

But brighter days are on the horizon.

Today might make you feel down,

But there are reasons to smile.

I am here through the thick of your pain

I will stay by your side

Long after I see you happy again

Because there are reasons to smile

Real friends don’t leave because the skies are gray

We stick my your side to help you heal

Best friends make the best of every day

We are a reason to smile

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Hallways full of broken mirrors

(RE)flective Spin

I don’t understand,

People surround me, waiting to critique every move I make

Yet they themselves are blind.


I don’t understand,

Their faces are skillfully painted

yet their hearts are discarded and black.


I don’t understand,

Words sweeter than sugar

Pointed teeth full of cavities.


I don’t understand,

They classify, define, and degrade themselves

Stepping into stereotypes like shoes.


I don’t understand,

Crowded hallways take me to my future

Yet they stand still.


I don’t understand, for I am not.

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I’ve Tripped And Fallen

Black and Write

I’ve tripped and fallen,

Arose battered, cut and bruised

Yet I’m undeterred.

Life is not always painless

Nor always terribly kind.

Instinct says to run,

To hide from that which injures

Becoming recluse.

I refuse to run or to hide,

Cowering in human fear;

Preferring instead

To face my future head on

Whatever may come.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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Writing 201:Poetry Prompt-Fingers: Form-Prose Poem: Device-Assonance

Amanuensis Sobriquet-Reverie

Writing 201: Poetry
Prompt: fingers
Form: Prose Poem
Device: Assonance

She mashes her fingers
through the apple and food
debris with abandon
flipping, squealing,
snorting, laughing
until the tray is clean and
the food all in her hair
is a decoration of ornate resistance
to the fact that she should now be asleep.

She delicately touches her edible afro
to document its existence, yelling,
“Blay, blah, blah, blee, ja, ja,ja Whee!” a sock flies.
Then she sleeps the sleep of a marathon runner
in her high chair.

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The Forgotten One

Suppositions Of Life

It’s okay
I’m used to it
I’m used to the feeling
It’s okay
I’m used to this feeling
Of no one wanting
So its okay
I’m used to this feeling
It’s been with me my whole life
It’s okay

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4/365: Brave Men Don’t Come Back

Obviously Grace

asleep on the right
in case you come back
i dreamed of sea water
cocooning me whole

in this chrysalis, i
dreamed, once more,
of blue birds gorging on
berries, as red as
midnight wars

i like to think
that those sudden noises
cutting across the air,
are just shooting stars
that i missed

but they wrote to me
in this age of metal trinkets
and typing hit send
-i knew it before
i opened the letter
i knew what regret meant
yet it has never occurred to me
how close we were
till i started dreaming of
and quickly,
your face
twisting in a silent
mouthing two words
and me, helplessly drowning
while you scream,
ever so proudly
for the land
you left me

-and then
i jerk awake from
the warmness on your side
of the bed
thinking you came back
yet it was…

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